Italy: what a passion!!!

Summer is about to end, and in September begins one of the most beautiful times to visit Italy and enjoy its colors and its mild temperatures.

The tourism industry in Italy is lucky because there is no time of year when there is no tourism: this is due to the various types of tourism proposed, which can be seaside, mountains, cultural, food and wine, sporty and many more.

Surely there are places where there is a prevailing typology of tourism: Sardinia and Apulia, for example boasting splendid beaches, Trentino and Val d’Aosta wonderful ski slopes, but it is predominantly cultural tourism that allows Italy to be so successful from the point of view of the number of tourists.

Tuscany, for example, is one of the most complete regions if we consider that it has beaches, mountains, art cities, wine and food itineraries, villages and farmhouses in the countryside: the landscapes of Maremma or Chianti are famous all over the world, as are Florence, Siena, Pisa and Lucca for history and art.

The beauty of Tuscany and Italy in general is that there are many enchanting places, small fairy-tale villages where to spend a dream holiday: these places are sometimes unknown to mass tourism (fortunately) and represent small jewels preserved perfectly over the centuries.One of these is Valgiano, a small village on the hills around Lucca, known mainly for its wine production. In this place, you can admire the manyvineyards and savour a wine full of tradition and taste.

Wine, historic village and countryside do not exclude luxury and pleasure: some places have ancient residences where you can stay for a unique holiday. TheVilla Valgiano was built during the Renaissance by an aristocratic family from Lucca, that chose this spot for its position and for morphology of the soil.

60 hectares of trees, vineyards and olive trees surrounding the farm, the villa still preserves its walls, a legacy of when it was a fortress. Inside the walls there is a beautiful and very large garden, with trees, flower beds, 4 fountains, a neo gothic chapel and other minor buildings such as the lemon trees’ house.

In conclusion, there are truly magical places where you can spend unforgettable holidays: just have patience and carefully choose the place that attracts us, not because it is famous, not because it is fashionable but because it intrigues us and makes us want to leave now!

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